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Andy was born in Monza, Italy, in 1971.
He obtained his diploma at the Monza School of Art.
He went on in Commercial Graphics and Illustration at the Academy of Applied Arts in Milan.
Meanwhile he cultivated his interest in music. He studied saxophone, synthesizer (keyboards) and joined a musical project called Bluvertigo, a band lead by Morgan (voice, bass guitar and piano), supported by Sergio Carnevale (drums) and Livio Magnini (guitar), presenting an anglophile sound to the Italian market based on a blend of electronic and played music applied to different “genres”.
After years of tours, tv shows and work for record companies, Andy now presents himself as an eclectic figure trying to combine different ways of expression. He paints big fluorescent pictures on canvas, he composes soundtracks for contemporary dance and theatre, he mixes 80’s Wave music as a dj in clubs and squares, he tries his hand as a co-presenter of two Mtv programs. Always keeping the same point of view: the “reset (turn off and then on again)” or his ideal concept, his zero grade of creativity is continually in search of different contexts to contaminate.
Besides personal and collective exhibitions, also in clubs, his painting is, today, commissioned and applied to industrial sectors, including those of fashion and advertising.

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