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Cavallerin Sergio

Sergio Cavallerin was born in Perugia (Italy) on the 15th of June 1957.
He began collaborating as an illustrator for both Italian and European advertising and  publishing companies, newspapers and magazines.

Cavallerin evolved as a cartoonist of Italian popular comics, and in the early ‘80s began his publishing activity with Labor Comics, which introduced in Italy Marvel and DC Comics superheroes. Soon after this positive experience, Cavallerin contributed to the foundation of a new publishing company: Star  Comics.
Star Comics became Marvel’s imprint in Italy and launched many titles: Spider-man, The Fantastic Four, X-Men, Captain America, The Punisher among others.  Star Comics  expanded to Image and Dark Horse comics and became their first Italian intermediary: in about ten years Star Comics became one of the main Italian publishing companies.

During this period, Cavallerin collaborated with the some of the greater American comics authors, such as Stan Lee, John Buscema, John Byrne, and John Romita and participated to introduction in Italy of many new titles such as Todd McFarlane’s Spawn, Jim Lee’s  Gen 13, Frank Miller’s Sin City, Erik Larsen’s Savage Dragon. We must also mention the large number of manga comics that  Star Comics launched in Italy, including Lupin III, One Piece and Dragon Ball.
Successively, Cavallerin’s entrepreneurial career went on in  with the creation of Star Shop , which is still today one of the main Italian comic distributor. 

Despite his busy life, Cavallerin never abandoned his artistic activity and kept on creating  illustrations and paintings,  obtaining prizes and recognition all around Europe.
He took part in more than two hundred personal and collective  exhibitions  of graphic humour around the world, but cartoons and graphic humour is just one side of his eclectic personality, which he expresses in drawings as much as in paintings, photography and recently also in video art. 
Beside all this, he is very well known  for his activity of spreading  pop art, comics, and designed arts. 
His first book Levitazioni has been published in 2000:  a collection of  300 pieces of humoristic cartoons, some of  which are exposed at the UN Gallery in New York, at the Museum “House of Humour” in Gabrovo (Bulgaria), to the Aydin Dogan Foundation in Turkey.

In 2004 Sergio Cavallerin started to work on his most representative collection : Polimeri (Polymers).  
Clearly inspired by Pop Art, he observes  contemporary society, reflects upon it and then extracts  images, materials and objects from reality to propose questions and look for the answers.   
Avoiding  to fall into easy criticism or condemnation, Cavallerin does not renounce to look at the world with a playful and ironic eye, and fills his canvas with a multitude of  signs that hide  the real object he's looking for.
Cavallerin’s aim is to provoke and shake the sleeping conscience of the onlooker, hat he entangles and involves in a search, only apparently lighthearted and careless.
Cavallerin denounces a world overwhelmed by signs, goods, images where our minds lose sight of what is really important, of what is different from the shapeless mass. 
That's the reason why all of the acrylics of the series Polimeri  are titled “Where is....?” So, Where is the white fly? asks us to find the special one, the exception, the unique, while Where is the Arctic? has a clear reference to the greenhouse effect.
When the onlooker accepts the author’s invitation to participate to the search, he will find unexpected and sudden answers to the questions.
The Polimeri collection has been exposed in all the major Italian cities, achieving a considerable success of public and critics.

In December 2007 Cavallerin published his second book "Felineide," a tribute to the Cat’s universe. 
Looking at these irreplaceable and sacred creatures with the eye of a lover and the pureness of heart of a child, Cavallerin analyzes both their presence in our technological society, and the  poetic imaginary connected to these creatures.

In 2010 The Cats of Sergio Cavallerin displayed at the  Museum House of Humour and Satire in Gabrovo.
From february  until may  2011 Polimeri are on display at Varart Gallery  in Florence.  In 2011 his personal exhibition at the Maschio Angioino Castle in Naples (Italy) received very positive response by public and critics. Since October 2011, some of  Cavallerin’s Polimeri and Outsiders are exposed at Malibu in California.
His latest exhibition was in November 2011 at the art fair Step09 in Milan, Italy.

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