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Contemporary Art Exhibition

Angel Art Gallery announce it's exhibition called "Contemporary Art Exhibition" within the "Giornata del contemporaneo" event. Artists will compare their Art and perception of everyday reality through their own imagery . Common intrest of the Artists is Comic Art but mostly the ability of mixing dissonant elements on their works..From Classic Art to Kitsch,Soft Porn & childish illustrations. Pop Art is undoubtedly the most universal and fast perceiving form of Art known because it faces comprehensive and common topics in a simple and direct way.

Artists: Gianrico Agresta, Stefano Bombardieri, Andrea Buglisi, Massimo Caccia, Marco Cerutti, Francesco De Molfetta, Enzo Forese, Eloisa Gobbo, Cecilia Granata, Takashi Murakami, Gianfranco Pulitano, Maurizio Savini, Aya Takano, Giuseppe Tirelli, Giuseppe Veneziano, Xno.

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