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Luxe - Immo
september 6

How and when did you decide to start collecting art?
I was only 18 when I accepted to collaborate with an art gallery, the Cafiso Gallery, just for fun (it was one of the most important galleries in Italy but I knew that only later): I worked there for 13 years. My passion grew up day by day and I learned a lot: I dealt with banks, suppliers, collectors and other art dealers, and I had an accountancy business. I met artists and studied Modern Art by working in the field. I felt like a queen among the greatest masters of the 20th century. My soul was nourished by immense emotions thanks to the works of Picasso, Renoir, De Chirico, Tozzi, Carrà, De Pisis, Sironi, Campigli and many others. After such a high level of preparation, I was ready to become a collector. At 21 I bought my first work, an abstract lithograph by Gianni Dova. I started to go to art fairs and exhibitions about 7 years ago and I looked at Contemporary Art with more and more interest: I was particularly attracted by young artists. I realized that I did not feel any great emotion when buying De Chirico’s works, even if that might have given me social and financial satisfactions: I was looking for something more stimulating. I wanted to dare myself to find talented, original and unique artists. I have begun to collect starting from this premise: I would not ever spend my money if I did not like what I was buying. Moreover, I have given confidence, the credibility I can bring and my support to artists both in an economic and psychological sense and we have grown together. Now my collection numbers about 100 works, between paintings and sculptures. In 2005, I opened my own art gallery, Angel Art Gallery, in order to work with and discover only young contemporary artists.

Do you mainly collect emerging artists?
Yes, I do. Only for affective reasons I keep works by Omar Galliani, Piero Pizzi Cannella, Gianni Dessì, Roberto Barni, Giuseppe Tirelli, Gianni Dova, Franco Rognoni, Giancarlo Borgia, Matthias Brandes, Francesco Casorati...

Do you meet the artists?
I live with my artists - both as a collector and as a gallery owner! I hear from them every day and we confront each other on the projects we have together. I always get them into art fairs and into my shows. We have a working relationship, but we are friends too. They know they can count on me for anything they need. Today I have this relationship with about 20 artists.

Are most of your artists Italian?
Yes and I am proud of it. I have great faith in Italian Art and I can’t understand the reason why foreign artists are always favoured. I have bought many works of foreign artists like Alex Gross, Kukula, Ana Bagayan, Greg Gossel and they are very good, but distance is a problem for me.

Do you also work with Italian galleries?
As a gallery owner I have tried, but it is not easy because here in Lombardy each gallery has its own projects to carry out. Building and keeping relationships with other galleries is easier elsewhere like in Genoa, Rome, Perugia and Catania. As a collector, depending on the artist, I refer to my favourite art galleries both Italian and foreign.

Could you exhibit an artist when you do not collect their works?
No, because I must like the artist and collect their works before exhibiting them.

Do you not feel the need to travel?
I travel a lot both as a gallery owner and as a collector, especially in Italy. I visit exhibitions, fairs and other collectors’ houses.

Are you particularly interested in a certain form of art, or do you wait until you fall for something?
I like Pop culture very much. I find Pop Art the most universal form of art because it treats different subjects in a very simple and direct way and, moreover, because it is a culture capable of suggesting new issues and new solutions.

Do you sometimes sell works of art?
Yes and it hurts me a little when it happens: it is like cutting the umbilical cord.

Do you like all the artists you collect to the same extent?
Yes, I like them to the same extent because I am attracted by their different features.

Does the Italian system facilitate the acquisition of artworks? Do collectors have financial advantages?
No, only private collectors are not supposed to pay VAT, but companies can request a VAT refund.

Do you often open your doors to visitors?
My gallery is visited by occasional visitors passing by, but nowadays most contacts are established thanks to the Internet and to the virtual tour on my website. The physical visit comes only after.

Do you often meet other collectors? Do you have any real exchanges with some of them?
Thanks to art fairs and shows I meet more and more collectors and visitors. My role as a gallery owner represents reliability, credibility and trust. I have stable relationships with other collectors who consult with me even when they buy something in other art galleries. As a private collector I meet the other collectors in our own houses. On these occasions, our passion for art often leads to heated discussions because each of us expresses his opinion about his favourite artists or forms of art in a very passionate way…the Italian way!

Do you go to art fairs?
Yes, both as a collector and as a gallery owner. With my gallery I attend many art fairs: in Milan, MiArt, Step, Affordable Art Fair, Arte Accessibile, in Verona ArtVerona and also in Padua, Catania and Monte-Carlo.

Do you have a budget?
Yes, my budget is fixed depending on the name of the artist I want to buy and his reputation, his age, the measures of the work, the year it was produced. It is also important if it is a painting, a sculpture or an installation and if it is Modern or Contemporary.

What advice do you have for those who want to start collecting?
First of all new collectors must visit fairs and shows in Italy and abroad. An art collector should buy a work of art just because he likes it, regardless of the investment. He must find his own taste, entrust to a loyal person, a gallery owner is preferable, and persist. Art gives the opportunity to everyone to enrich his own cultural background and to build a long-lasting collection. A collector must be daring, give into intuitions and allow themselves to be carried by emotions.

As a collector haven’t you discovered an artist whose work today is highly valued?
I discovered Giuseppe Veneziano in 2006 or 2007 in Milan at an exhibition. I bought several pieces from him for an average price of between €600 and €1,000, which today are valued at around €36,000.

Can you cite a few emerging artists who you think will be famous in the future?
Massimo Caccia and Gianfranco Pulitano: a work by each of these artists seems to me to be indispensable for a proper collection.

In your private collection, are there works you will never sell?
As a collector and gallery owner, I buy and sell: my collection is constantly changing as I develop on a personal level. However I will never be separated from works by Omar Galliani, Piero Pizzi Cannella, Gianni Dessì, Roberto Barni, Giuseppe Tirelli, Gianni Dova, Franco Rognoni, Giancarlo Borgia, Matthias Brandes and Francesco Casorati.

What do you think about our magazine?
I think that Luxe Immo is a prestigious international magazine that I like very much because of its sensitivity to the art world. It is interesting aesthetically speaking and for its contents. It gives the opportunity to know new facts and its creativity is stimulating. A lot of collectors, including me, have been attracted by its real estate offers too. Its high quality and wide distribution (23 countries and 370 cities in the world) make me think that it is produced by a qualified team that are serious about what they do and do their job with dedication and professionalism.

David Dubois

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