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Biennale di Alessandria, Video Fotografia Contemporanea

Alessandria's Biennial,contemporary Video & photography.

A "click" to hold time.Nothing better than photography to set a fragment of life:it stop it's flow and gets printed in mind and paper.
From the eyes of a kid to the joy of a day of festivity thru war devastation everything is fixed in that moment,in that place.
Browse a picture book or a catalog become a trip to memories,a step  that worth a whole lot more than a souvenir.
Theres even more in pictures. The whole vision of the world,and better than that theres the world seen through the eye and the mind  hidden behind the viewfinder.
What should have happened if "that shot" had been done a little late or few feet away? So many memorable pictures and instants would have been lost if it wouldnt be that glance thru the viewfinder with a sensibility able to get that exact moment,with the right expression in the proper place? Here starts our Biennial of video-photography an endless story in time and space and soul.
The City Major fo Alessandria:Piercarlo Fabbio
Artists:Aliza,Daniela Cavallo.

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